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    As a Wedding Photographer I am faced with different challenges and choices that need to be made to get the best images as possible, as each day and location is different. So I am left to choose the right way to

take the right shot, given the different lighting and surroundings. I am constantly changing my settings, and my lenses for the perfect shot. 


With all of this experience I have always wanted to share my knowledge of Photography. So if I know it, I will teach it!





This Photography course for beginners will give you all the information you need to get the most out of your camera, technically and creatively. This will help you to develop your own personal style whilst looking at the aesthetics of photography. 



The course will feature theory based and hands-on practical exercises to further your understanding of photography. Guiding you through all the manual functions on your camera, lens options and compositional techniques, giving you a deeper understanding of digital photography.


This will allow further creativity with your images, helping you to gain the confidence to produce the images that you have imagined.






       The class is designed to fully equip you with the technical knowledge you need to get the most out of your photography. The number of students per class is limited to a small size, so I am able to offer you the technical support you need, give you practical hands-on experience and constructive feedback to develop your photography skills.


The full day class involve focussed, classroom based theory learning, and practical exercises in low light situations, midday and sunset light. 







  •     Mastering exposure using ISO, aperture and shutter speed

  •     DSLR/mirrorless camera handling

  •     Focal length and lens choice

  •     Manual and semi-automatic camera modes

  •     Understanding f/stops and depth of field

  •     Capturing motion

  •     Auto-focus modes and focus points

  •     Composition techniques

  •     Understanding file formats (JPEG vs RAW)

  •     Setting white balance

  •     Photo enhancement and editing tips using Adobe Lightroom    





Throughout this full day Photography Course, we will cover a broad range of technical and creative topics, around the master principles of photography. 


  •     DSLR or mirrorless camera with full manual controls

  •     Your camera’s manual

  •     Fully charged battery

  •     An empty memory card

  •     Light rucksack or bag

  •     Comfortable shoes

  •     Note pad

  •     Laptop (optional if you have Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop)





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