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Meet the Photographer

The very first time I picked up a camera, I was hooked. It became such a passion, I just strived to get better and better with my creativeness. 

There are so many amazing photographers out there who I find inspiring but in the life of a photographer it is all about having your own style of work. You need to stand out and be known for your work.  Photography is an art and it's not all about "having a good camera". It is so much more than that. 

I am a Natural light photographer and I just love the texture, vibrancy of colour and luminosity on my subjects. The perfect and my most favourite time to shoot is during sunset. We call this "Golden Hour".

You get the most perfect light and colours for portraits, and especially at weddings.


The most important part to wedding and portrait the person(s) in front of the camera. My aim is to always make my couples and families feel as comfortable as possible, and have fun at the same time. I love meeting new people and getting to know them enough to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, as this is paramount. The main problem is people don't like posing. I call it "staging".  You need a variety of photos during any portrait session, so that involves a lot of different positions, angles and ideas. The one thing I always say to everyone who I work with is, you are not doing it for me, you are doing it for yourself. I absolutely welcome the couples and families after they have been "staged" to just be themselves, be yourself with each other, the same as you would at home. Relax and enjoy this time together. Be yourself and I promise, the photos will always turn out relaxed and natural, every time. As well as creative and artistic, giving you the freshest work. 

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